Eleaf iCare 2 All-in-One Starter Kit

Eleaf iCare 2 All-in-One Starter Kit


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Eleaf’s iCare 2 is the next generation of a mini-mod that changed the vaping industry. While the original iCare had a few glaring issues, it’s been cemented as one of the best starter kits ever released. The iCare 2 builds on this legacy while addressing every major complaint about the original.


The original iCare was very popular with two types of vapers. Newbie vapers looking for a simple starter kit loved the iCare for its affordability. And veteran vapers loved the iCare as a secondary device, noting its compact size and stealthy design. But both types of vapers had the same complaints: filling it up was a chore, and the coils gurgled and spit like no tomorrow. The iCare 2 handily addresses both complaints.

Firstly, the filling system has been completely re-envisioned. No more fumbling around with the top cap, trying to unscrew the chimney without bending the flimsy plastic key. SImply pull off the mouthpiece and fill directly into the tank through one of the ports.

Secondly, the iCare 2 includes a brand new coil type with improved wicking. Clocking in at a resistance of 1.3 (slightly higher than the original’s 1.1), these coils deliver a smooth hit without any of the gurgling or spitback the original iCare was known for.


Another huge improvement over the original iCare: Eleaf’s iCare 2 no longer uses an automatic sensor to fire up the coil. The iCare 2 now has an actual button (Hurrah!).

While the firing sensor of the original iCare was a cool gimmick, it was the cause of some serious issues. For one, it had a tendency to autofire after you took a few puffs, burning your coil (unless you were able to unscrew the chimney on time). The sensor also caused some firing delay, which made the iCare’s “hit” significantly less satisfying than it should have been.

By abandoning the firing sensor and opting for a traditional firing button, Eleaf not only addressed the autofiring issue, they also made the device infinitely more satisfying. It fires up almost instantly, giving you a satisfying throat hit exactly when you expect it.


At the end of the day, if you’re a vaper, there’s no reason not to own one of these. At less than the price of a single bottle of e-juice, Eleaf’s iCare 2 presents an incredible value. It’s a super-compact, satisfying vape that belongs in your pocket.

Eleaf iCare 2 Features:

  • 2 mL capacity
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Super easy fill up
  • New firing button
  • Smooth, satisfying MTL draw
  • 650 mAh battery for all day vaping

Eleaf iCare 2 Package Contents:

  • Eleaf iCare 2
  • 2 x 1.1 ohm coils
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Manual

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    So easy and simple

    June 22, 2017

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