Have a friend or a loved one that you want to get off cigarettes? 

Tell them about VapeLoft !

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How does it work?

Each time you refer a friend using your vape referral code, they receive a $10 coupon for their first order. Once your friend completes the order, you are also awarded a $10 coupon. Simple, right?

How can I check I referred someone?

Your referral statistics are also located on your account page. You will be able to view all of your referrals, available coupons, sharing options and unique links.

Where can I share my code?

You can share your code with friends and family in private. Any codes shared on coupon sites are prohibited, if we find a code on a coupon sites we will de-activate your code and void all the credits associated.

How do I share my code?

Sharing is caring, and is also simple. Every product page on contains a “Refer a Friend” tab located just above the description.

There you will find a link to the specific product page which already contains your unique referral code. You can copy this link and share it with your friends manually or use one of the shortcuts provided on this page

Auto Sharing Shortcuts: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

Share a coupon!

You can also share your unique coupon code with your friend. This coupon can be found on your account page and any product page under the “Refer a Friend” tab.

All your friend has to do at this point is head over to, add some products to the cart and apply the coupon you provided on the cart or the checkout page.

Meanwhile the magicians over at VapeLoft will apply a $10 discount on your friends order, and activate your own $10 coupon! 

Can I refer a friend that's already a VapeLoft Customer?

Unfortunately that is not possible, since this customer may have already been referred by some one else.

What can I use the coupon on?

Pretty much anything! Need e-juice, coils, a new device perhaps? We got you!

Can I refer my self using different accounts?

As nice as it sounds, you can not. We perform referral audits for this reason. If we find abuse of our referral system, we will revoke any credits/coupons issued and charge the difference on your orders. Please play nice!