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Electronic cigarettes/Vapes are vaporizers that heat up a liquid nicotine solution (e juice) to create inhalable vapor. They are used by smokers as part of a “harm reduction” strategy. In other words, because they are much safer than traditional cigarettes, smokers use them as a less harmful way to receive nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes usually made of two separate parts—the mod and the atomizer. (But there are exceptions).

The mod is the control centre of your vaporizer. It’s the bulky body that houses several buttons and an LED screen. Inside the mod, you’ll find a circuitboard, which allows you to regulate your settings, and a battery, which provides power to your atomizer.

The atomizer can come in many forms (as a tank, a dripper, etc.). It consists of a spun coil of resistive wire (meaning it heats up when electricity is applied to it) and a wicking material (usually organic cotton).

E juice is either poured into a tank, or dripped onto the wicking material of a dripper. When you press the firing button on your mod, the coil heats up and creates vapor.

E Juice is a combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and food-grade flavoring agents. It is used in electronic cigarettes to create inhalable vapor.

Because propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are recognized as safe by the FDA, they make an excellent base for nicotine and flavoring. PG is a great flavor carrier, and adds a bit of a throat hit to your e-juice. VG creates a dense, cloudy vapor.

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Our first priority is making sure that you have all the knowledge, support, and equipment you need to finally say, “so long, cancer sticks!” There are no pushy salesmen. No holier-than-thou vape snobs. Just a team of friendly experts, ready to help you every step of the way.

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We also take great pride in our e-juice selection. Out of the hundreds of e-juice samples we get from manufacturers, we only carry a handful. The best of the best.


Yes. In 2015 UK Public Health announced that electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than traditional combustable cigarettes.

When referred to as alternative methods to cigarettes, yes. E-cigarettes are a form of vaporizers.

Ecigarettes and the sale of vaping products is 100% legal in Canada, as well as regulated.

According to several studies, second hand vaping does not expose others to combustion toxicants.

VapeLoft is an online vape shop, therfor we ship pretty much everywhere. Just check out our shipping info page for more information.

In most cases you can. Most airlines require you to keep your e-cigarettes and vaporizers in the cabin/carry-on, and forbid from leaving them in your checked luggage. It is always recommended to check with your air-line ahead of travel.