Peach Dragonfruit Ice STLTH Pro Pods

Peach Dragonfruit Ice STLTH Pro Pods


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Peach Dragonfruit Ice STLTH Pro Pod Pack: Immerse yourself in the luscious union of sun-kissed peaches and the exotic flavor of dragonfruit, rounded off by a cool, icy finale.

Crafted for the STLTH Pro Device, these pods promise a heightened flavor spectrum thanks to advanced vertical mesh coil technology and a roomy 4mL e-liquid chamber.

With a tailored nicotine blend, they deliver an ultra-smooth vaping experience catering to adult enthusiasts seeking an effortless leap from tobacco. The transparent pod and gentle mouthpiece ensure intuitive, plush enjoyment.

Navigate through 15 captivating flavors; each pack indulges you with two pod cartridges.

STLTH Pro Pods Features:

  • Made for STLTH Pro Device
  • Clear E-Liquid Display
  • Soft Mouthpiece
  • Vertical Mesh Coil Technology
  • 5 Packs per Carton
  • 2 x 4mL Pods Per Pack

Immerse your senses in the lush, fruity bliss of Peach Dragonfruit Ice STLTH Pro Pods.

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STLTH Vape is a Canadian born company who's mission is to offer an alternative method to conventional tobacco cigarettes by providing a smokeless product that is extremely convenient and satisfying. Featuring a wide variety of Pre-filled Pods with some of the most amazing flavors from brands like Fruitbae Pods, Lemon Drop and more. Other third party pods are also compatible with the STLTH and can be found here. STLTH Starter Kit even earned a number 3 spot on our Best Pod Vapes of 2023 - Top 5 List! STLTH Vape is the best alternative to JUUL & VUSE. Checkout our wide selection of STLTH Vape products below:


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Nicotine Salt produces a distinct throat hit, that is similar to conventional cigarettes. Which is the reason many current smokers prefer to start off with nicotine salt based e-liquids. To understand how throat hit is achieved, check out our article “6 Sources of Throat Hit You May Not Know About“ Nicotine Salt is NOT intended for use in Sub-Ohm Tank System and Devices. Nicotine Salt Liquids are designed to be used in lower powered pod vapes, above 1.0ohm resistance coils.