Epic Peach Mango Level X Unleashed- Flavour Beast Pods

Epic Peach Mango Level X Unleashed- Flavour Beast Pods


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Epic Peach Mango – Level X Unleashed Replacement Pods

Savor the lush union of flavors with Epic Peach Mango, a standout choice in the Level X Unleashed
series. These pre-filled disposable replacement pods blend the luscious goodness of peaches with
the subtle sweetness of mango, creating an oasis of rich, full-bodied flavor. Seamlessly compatible
with the Level X device, this flavor combination offers a luxurious and harmonious vaping
experience, perfect for those who appreciate the delicate interplay of succulent peach and exotic


Enjoy Up to 7000 Puffs: Designed for long-lasting flavor satisfaction.
1.0ohm Mesh Coil: Optimal for producing rich flavor and ample vapor.
Seamlessly Compatible with Level X Device: Ensures a perfect fit and flawless performance
with the Level X system.

Epic Peach Mango is a tribute to the finer things in life, offering a smooth and velvety vape that’s
both comforting and invigorating. Each inhalation is like a dive into a pool of sweet, fruity bliss,
making Level X Unleashed Replacement Pods in Epic Peach Mango a top choice for those who love
a deep and resonant fruit experience.

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