Wotofo Serpent Mini 22mm RTA

Wotofo Serpent Mini 22mm RTA


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Wotofo’s Serpent Mini 22mm RTA is one of the smallest and most powerful rebuildable tanks ever released. Designed with a compact profile, the Serpent Mini is best paired with a small single-battery mod. It sports a spacious single-coil deck with side-clamp posts, making coil mounting and wicking an absolute breeze. And with its airflow port sitting directly beneath your coil, you should expect incredible flavour. Immaculately machined from top to bottom, the Serpent Mini RTA belongs in any hobbyist’s arsenal.


  • Tiny 22mm diameter
  • 3 mL e-juice capacity
  • Pairs perfectly with mini-mods
  • Single-coil build deck
  • Side-clamp post style for easy building
  • Excellent flavour
  • Ample airflow that keeps even large coils cool


  • Wotofo Serpent Mini 22M RTA
  • Spare parts (with hex key)
  • Japanese organic cotton pad
  • Pack of resistive wire
  • Spare glass

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    Seran L.

    First of all, kudos to Vape Loft for being the only retailer on the internet to still have these in stock in 2019, seriously! I was very excited to find this here after reading so many glowing reviews of this RTA and finding it out of stock everywhere else. I would advise purchasing one of these NOW, before they’re all gone. In fact, I’m tempted to buy another as backup.
    This is my first true RTA. I have an RBA coil head for one of my tanks but it is not very forgiving in regard to wicking, and once you’ve filled it with juice you can’t access the build deck again until it’s drained. The Serpent Mini, on the other hand, is incredibly forgiving. You can easily access the build deck without draining the tank by simply inverting it and unscrewing the base. Just be sure to remove the drip tip so the tank can sit flat on a surface while you work! I have never, ever had any kind of leaking problem, though I have occasionally gotten dry hits, but every time I re-wick (again, without draining the tank!), I get a little bit better at it and my dry hits are now a thing of the past.
    The flavor is great! I mostly use RDAs so I expect some potent flavor, and the Serpent Mini is nearly on-par with them. The vapor is cooler than an RDA of course, because of the longer chimney, but that can be a good thing. I would advise against vaping with this at higher wattages unless you use a different drip tip. The metal DT on the Stainless version can get hot quite quickly if you’re not careful. This really isn’t designed to be a high wattage cloud chasing tank. It is definitely geared toward flavor, and in that regard I am very happy with it.
    -Easy to fill
    -Very forgiving with wicking (NEVER leaks)
    -Flavor is fantastic
    -Compact size, fits on practically any mod without overhang (22mm)
    -Single coil deck (subjective)

    -Drip tip can get hot (SS version)
    -Can be prone to dry hits depending on build/wattage
    -Small tank
    -Glass feels somewhat fragile (time will tell)
    -Can be very difficult to take apart when brand new
    -Single coil only (subjective)

    I would highly recommend this RTA, unless you’re a cloud chaser with an affinity for dual coil builds, or can’t stand the smaller (~2.5mL) tank capacity.
    One other thing I would like to note is that my particular Serpent Mini has a very minor dent in the metal just above the AFC ring. I believe this happened either at the Wotofo factory or when I was trying to take it apart the first time (like I said, it’s very hard to open when brand new. I had to stick needle nosed pliers into the fill slots on top and use a plastic clamp at the base to get enough leverage to open the build deck). The dent in mine does not affect performance in any way. Love it!!

    February 5, 2019
    Verified Review

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