Top Beginner Guide For Vaping: Top Ten Vape Juices

Top Beginner Guide For Vaping: Top Ten VapeLoft E- Juices

On your journey to choosing the right e-juices, there are a lot of alternatives that may besiege one. You may end up getting confused. The e-juices found around are made generally from nicotine, flavors, Vegetable Glycerin- (VG) Propylene Glycol (PG).

Many e-juices are made up of PG. Those who use VG are usually allergic to PG. The e-juice’s strength is based on the level of nicotine in the juice. When opting for an e-juice, it is advisable to go for one that matches the nicotine level of the cigarettes you puffed on. From there, you can move down the road till 0% nicotine strength e-liquids, if you wish. Below is  the top ten list of vapelofts 10 most popular e-juices.



My Top Ten Vaping Juices are below:


1 Vapeloft Iceberry    

This flavour can lift you up, and leave you with a cool and tarty flavour, having a tinge of the berry. This flavour has the blend of juicy raspberries that could make you feel you are munching down on those berries on a cool morning. The raspberries come along with the taste of a minor menthol kick that ensures that berry’s flavour kicks in.

Are you a lover of the berries? Do you want to vape on the berries? Enjoy the tasty flavour of the berry in the Vapeloft Iceberry’s flavour. To learn more about it, you can click on the link below.


2 Vapeloft cool mix

This is one flavour that reminds us of the crisp and clean air of a clear morning. This flavour leaves one with a satisfying look. Like the previous one, the Cool Mix has a hint of Menthol. Using this flavour is simple- merely add it, and shake. Viola, it is set.

Vapeloft Cool Mix is versatile. If you are not up for the mixing, you can vape it like that. If you are in need of the strong menthol feel, then you don’t need to mix it with anything. The feel is satisfying and intense.


3 Vapeloft strawberry swirl

When this blend of intriguing flavours was ushered into the world in VapeCan 2014, the world of vapers could not get enough of it. It is a favorite of many vapers, and one of my favourites. You may wonder why. This flavour is one that goes across combining the tart, and fresh strawberry with the rich cream. It’s like puffing on a combination of rich cream and strawberry. After a puff, you will never remain the same. You can see what the buzz is all about.


4 Vapeloft Candy Melon

Are you a lover of lemon and melon, and want to feel that in your vaping juice? This option is meant for you then. You can be satisfied with the tartness and sweetness of the blend of fresh melon and lemon hard candy in this juice.


5 Vapeloft Pomberry

Vaping juices come in a lot of flavours, and this flavour is one that blends two mystical flavours. It is a blend of PomBerry- Pomegranate, and strawberry. This means that you can puff on the tasty feel of pomegranate, combining with the sweetness of the strawberry. Tell me why this wouldn’t be delicious and leave a satisfying grin on your face.

6 Vapeloft Parisian cafe

Sipping on coffee, while puffing on the cigarette has an exotic and exhilarating feel to it. That’s what this juice is about. It blends the French roast coffee, with the aroma of the cigarettes you once were crazy about or still are. That’s not all. This juice is packing an underlying feel of the cream and the vanilla. The combination will make you scream to High Heavens in bliss.


7 Vapeloft Cream Berry

This juice came out for the first time in 2015, in the Vape Can in Toronto. It was a hit immediately it was unveiled because of its combination of cream and mixed berries. The mixed berries include strawberries, raspberries and other berries.

Since it came out, the demand for it has shot through the roof.


8 Chill e-liquid Rainbow Punch.

If you have tasted a rainbow punch, there is a high chance that you spent that day, tap dancing around. This juice will make you do the same if you puff on it. It is a blend of tiny drops of the lemon extract, pineapple juice, Fuji apple raspberries, slices of oranges, and strawberries.


9 Zest passion

When Vapeloft was creating different signature vaping juices, those who love the feel of herbal tea on their tongues were not ignored. Let’s imagine this was a drink. It would be a herbal tea doused with orange peel, dried berries, a tiny touch of the lemon juice and passion fruit. This can be done only by a top-notch bartender. Now, this can be gotten in an e-juice.


10 Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog Ice

This juice came about as a blend of the cool menthol, with the guava, passion fruit and orange. It has been noted as Naked 100’s bestselling e-juice.


In Conclusion

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