Top Beginner Guide For Vaping: Top Ten Vape Juices

Top Beginner Guide For Vaping: Top Ten Vape Juices

Top Beginner Guide For Vaping: Top Ten Vape Juices

Top Beginner Guide For Vaping: Top Ten VapeLoft E-Juices

So it’s 2019, you’ve seen and heard of vaping everywhere by now, and now you decided to try it.

Now a days there is a ton of vape juice from every corner of the world to choose from, and it can definitely seem a bit confusing and overwhelming for a beginner.

So we decided to put a list together of our favorite and best selling e-juices.

So wether you are fresh onto the vaping scene or a seasoned vaper, you should find this list useful.

Our choice for Top Ten Vaping Juices are below:

Ice Berry    

This one was pretty easy. There are plenty of amazing menthol vape juices on the market, however in our neck of the woods Ice Berry remains the champion. I mean some people have threatened to burn down the store every time we sell out of it (Not joking). While others told us to rename the store to “Ice Berry”.

There is something amazing about this juice, raspberry and menthol just vapes so right. Neither of the flavors are overpowering, and aren’t sweetened so you won’t have to worry about gunking up your coils.

This e-juice vapes perfectly at higher and lower wattages. Wether you have a sub-ohm device and you like to chuck clouds, or a tiny pod vape – Ice Berry doesn’t discriminate and tastes awesome in all devices.


Cool Mix is a great vape juice for all you new vapers. Many newbies looking for a stronger menthol kick usually opt in for this one.

The very crisp sensation of the menthol is perfectly complimented by light undertone of a fresh slice of a watermelon.

The reason this ejuice is called Cool Mix, is the fact that it’s a great flavor to mix with your other fruit juices. Try it your self, it pairs great with Strawberry, Peach and Mango!

Strawberry Swirl

When this blend of intriguing flavours was ushered into the world of VapeCan, the vapers could not get enough of it.

It is a favorite of many vapers, and definitely one of our favorites.  This juice combines a tart & fresh strawberry with a rich cream base. It’s like finishing your meal with a tasty strawberry desert.

Candy Melon

Do you remember those tiny sour watermelon candies you used to grab at the corner convenience store as a kid? We sure do, well this e-juice is exactly like that little candy.

This vape juice is sweet, tangy and extremely flavorful. We definitely recommend this juice for any vaper looking for that candied watermelon flavor.


Vaping juices come in a lot of flavours, and this e-juice is one that pairs two juicy fruits into a perfect combination.

The sweet sensation of the strawberry makes every inhale a true joy. The mouth watering flavor of pomegranate lingers in your mouth on that satisfying exhale.

Like a true VapeLoft tradition this juice is not sweetened, so you can enjoy for longer without getting the Vapers Tongue.

Parisian Cafe

Sipping on coffee, while puffing on a cigarette has an exotic and exhilarating feel to it. That’s what this juice is about.

No really, wasn’t your morning coffee accompanied by a smoke?

Parisian Cafe blends actual extract of true French Dark Roast coffee bean, with the aroma of sweet tobacco you were once crazy about. And that’s not the end of it.

This juice is packing underlying hints of cream and vanilla.

This combination will sure make you scream to High Heavens in bliss!

Cream Berry

This vape juice first premiered at a Vape Convention in 2015.

Creams have been extremely popular to mix things with. Strawberries and Whipped Cream, Butter Pancakes and cream you name it.

Who would have thought that vaping cream flavored e-juices would be a thing? Well it still is in 2019, and it’s not going a way for a long time.

This e-juice carries the same creamy base as the Strawberry Swirl. But mix it up with raspberry and black currant and the results are mouth blowing. I mean mind blowing.

Rainbow Punch

Taste the Rainbow… Wait that’s Skittles.

Anyhow, this delightful combination of pineapple juice, strawberries, raspberries, silces of orange, a delectable Fuji Apple is topped of by a few drops of lemon extract to zest up this fizzy tropical flavor.

Passion by Zest

Passion is a truly unique creation of Zest. These guys are famous for their original lemonade line, and they decided to try something that’s never been done before in a vape juice.

Take that refreshing lemonade juice and start adding some herbal elements and exotic fruits, that’s exactly what the Zest guys did.

A herbal tea medley of passion fruit, orange peel and dried berries is poured over ice and shaken, squeeze some lemon juice and you get Passion by Zest.

Only a true hipster barista could have come up with this vape juice. And he is.

Hawaiian Pog Ice

Since menthols are amongst best sellers for new vapers, this juice definitely deserves a spot on this list.

This is the iced version of the original Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100. This highly sought after e-juice took the vaping market by a storm. This is a tropical sensation of a fresh passionfruit, ripe orange, and exotic guava all in a bottle, topped off with a hint of menthol.

Sounds refreshing doesn’t it?

In Conclusion

We hope that this post is able to help you narrow down your list of vape juices to try.

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