Now accepting PayPal

Now accepting PayPal

Now accepting PayPal

Dear friends, it is with a very heavy heart we announce that as of December 11, 2019 we are no longer accepting PayPal as a method of payment. Please note that we still accept all major credit cards, debit cards and interac e-transfer (Canada).

Unfortunately at this moment PayPal has changed their stance on the acceptable use policy, which is preventing us from accepting PayPal at this time.

We have started a petition to encourage PayPal to review their current stance, reconsider their decisions and not punish smokers for trying to access safer alternatives.

If PayPal was your prefered way to pay for your vaping supplies, we strongly encourage you to sign the petition and share it with others.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that as of today we are officially accepting PayPal the beloved way to pay.

If you’ve been with us since the beginning (2013) You probably took advantage of PayPal for it’s short duration. Unfortunately we had to pull PayPal off in early 2014 due to it’s policy stance on e-cigarettes and e-liquid.

PayPal recently changed their archaic policy to allow payment processing for vaping products along with e-liquid and devices.

PayPal has processed 451 Billion dollars in 2017, and the trend is only increasing.

This means our friends in the US are able to enjoy seamless order processing via PayPal in your native USD currency!

So now you can shop for new vape arrivals easier than ever!

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