Eek. The dreaded return policy. This is the awkward conversation that no vape shop wants to have with their customers. But it’ll be way more awkward if we gloss over this part—don’t you think? So let’s get into it. 

Unopened Products

If you want to return a sealed product, we’ll refund its full price within 30 days of purchase. As long as you have your receipt (you kept that, right?) OR a VapeLoft account we’ll take it back. No questions asked.

The only sealed product we can’t take back is e-juice. Because it’s so easy to open bottles without breaking the seal, there’s no way for us to know if someone messed with them. And you wouldn’t want to buy a bottle of e-juice that someone tampered with, would you?

But that’s why we have such an awesome flavor tasting station. You can really take your time choosing a flavor you’ll be happy with. 

Used Devices

This is the tough part. Because vape shops don’t get much support from distributors and manufacturers, there a only a few instances where we can take back opened products. It really boils down to something being wrong with the device right out of the box. 

If your device has a manufacturing defect, we will happily replace it or exchange it for store credit within 30 days of purchase. This warranty covers defects for screens, built-in batteries, and built-in chips. 

Unfortunately, if your device has any cosmetic damage, wear and tear, or damage from improper usage, our hands will be tied. There’s just no one in this industry who can offer returns on damaged products.

But the thing that sets our policy apart from other vape shops is our Lifetime Support. Even if you don’t qualify for a return, or somehow managed to drop your mod in the toilet (hey, we ain’t judging—it happens), we’ll do everything in our power to troubleshoot and fix it. Free of charge. 

Software Issues

Because of manufacturer policies, we can’t take returns with software issues. You’ll have to go directly to the manufacturer for that. This means no returns for:

  • Software bugs
  • TCR issues
  • Performance issues caused by firmware updates
  • High voltage cutoffs/“low battery” errors (*can be easily fixed by purchasing a battery with low internal resistance)

And what if you’re a tinkerer who likes to install custom firmware on your shiny new mods? True, you could do lots of really cool stuff on that little LED screen (a game of snake, anyone?). But we can’t take back devices with custom firmware. Neither can the manufacturer. So tinker cautiously. 

Final Sale Products

Because a large percentage of vaping products are consumable/cannot be officially refurbished, their manufacturers do not accept returns. So vape store policies have to reflect this as well. As such, the following products are final sale:

  • E-juice
  • Tanks
  • Coils
  • Drip tips
  • Rebuildable products
  • 18650 batteries, chargers
  • Accessories

Processing Returns

Online Orders

Use our return form here. Be as detailed as possible when describing your issue. Our hardware experts will get back to you within 48 hours of your request with further instructions. Do not send any packages prior to receiving a return confirmation, as they will be shipped back to you at your own cost. 

In-Store Purchases

Bring the device to the store with all packaging and contents (including warranty card, charger, additional accessories, etc.). Please note that our hardware experts will have to inspect the product to determine eligibility. If your product is eligible for a return, you will receive a replacement unit or a full refund in the form of Store Credits. If the product is not eligible, we’ll still attempt to fix your issue for free.