Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry Herb Vaporizers are inhalation devices that provide an alternative method of delivery for cannabis, CBD and THC. By heating the the substance and evaporating, this method eliminates combustion all together, which in turn creates a more satisfying experience for the user. There are many dry herb devices on the market to fit the needs of most cannabis users.

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Benefits of VAPING WEED

It depends on your location. In Canada you may legally purchase marijuana at any licensed weed dispensaries, and in Ontario you can visit the government operated OCS store if you prefer to purchase weed online.

Vaping dry marijuana is generally known to be safer than traditional methods of combustion such as:

  • Smoking a joint
  • Using a bong
  • Using a weed pipe
This is due to the fact that dry herb vaporizers heat up the marijuana until it begins to produce vapor not smoke. While conventional methods mentioned above are burning your substance, which in turn can release harmful toxins.

The numbers of certain studies vary. However the majority agree that vaping marijuana is much more efficient than smoking it. And dependant on your overall consumption can drastically reduce your costs.


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