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At VapeLoft, we stay ahead of all the cool vaping trends so you can enjoy the best of the best! Dive into our selection of pod vapes, filled to the brim with the newest and most user-friendly devices. These compact vapes have become a favorite because they fit in your pocket and deliver an amazing nicotine hit.

We proudly offer top-notch pod vapes from leading brands like Uwell, SMOK, Vaporesso, and Aspire – all known for their mix of style and functionality. Changing flavors is as easy as a snap with magnetic pod connections, and with refillable pods, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of nicotine salt e-liquids.

Fancy controlling your vape’s power and airflow? No problem! We’ve got select devices that let you tweak things just the way you like.

Whether you’re a newbie to vaping or a seasoned aficionado, VapeLoft has got your back. From straightforward starter kits for those just dipping their toes in, to advanced setups with customizable power settings and LEDs for the pros, we’ve got a range for all. And regardless of your pick, each pod mod ensures a rich flavor and that satisfying throat hit, courtesy of the superior pod systems tailored for nicotine salts.

On the hunt for the trendiest pod vapes from brands you trust, packed with modern features and sleek designs? Make VapeLoft your first stop! We’re always updating our shelves with the freshest releases as they drop.

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What people are asking about Pod Vape Systems

Pod vapes consist of two main elements, the device which houses a battery, and the pod which contains the e-liquid.

Once activated the device will heat up a coil inside of the pod, which will turn the e-liquid into vapor as you inhale.

Some pod vapes are refillable, meaning you can refill it with your own e-liquid, while others are geared towards maximum convenience and come with pre-filled pods.

Most pod vapes will sense when you are taking a puff and will activate to produce the vapor, there is no need to press any buttons.

This depends on the type of device you are using and how much you are vaping. Most pre-filled pods like STLTH contain 2mL of e-liquid per pod and for an average vaper can last for up to 5 days.

Non Refillable Pod Vape

The most popular closed pod vape is STLTH. It’s extremely portable, easy to use and has the largest selection of official STLTH Flavors as well as STLTH Compatible pods.

Refillable Pod Vape

UWELL Caliburn is an industry pioneer of refillable pod systems and is consistently upgraded with it’s new models. It features state of the art ProFocs coil technology to deliver a perfect vaping experience.