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Disposable vapes are revolutionizing vaping with their convenient, no-fuss design. Simply toss when done – no coils to replace or e-liquid to refill. Discover the new wave of effortless vaping.

These compact, portable vapes are pre-filled with e-liquid, providing easy access to a variety of flavors. The sealed, draw-activated design ensures a smooth, satisfying vaping experience without maintenance.

Perfect for beginners and veterans alike, disposable vapes offer something for everyone. Choose from a range of sizes, from 100 puffs for a trial to a whopping 10,000 puffs for all-day vaping. Many now feature rechargeable batteries, allowing you to savor every last drop.

With no leaks, spills, or mess, disposable vapes are ideal for on-the-go use. Toss one in your pocket or bag and enjoy delicious flavor wherever you go. Durable and reliable, they provide a consistently satisfying vape.

Experience ultimate convenience with top disposable vape brands like STLTH, Drip’n Envi, Flavour Beast Flow and more. Find your new favorite flavor with our wide selection of quality disposable vapes today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most disposable vapes cannot be recharged due to their simplicity. Disposables are designed to contain a specific amount of e-liquid (flavor) to last as long as the internal battery capacity.

However some disposable devices such as Drip’n Envi, Geek Bar B5000, Vice Box, STLTH 5K, Vice 5500, Flavour Beast Flow and ALLO 4500 contain a larger amount of e-liquid to provide higher max puff count, therefore come with a dedicated USB-C charging port.

To recharge the above devices safely, simply plugin the cable to the charging port located on the side or bottom of the disposable vape.

There are a few reasons your disposable vape may be blinking. The first thing to check for is the indicator LED light color. Usually the indicator light is designed to blink red when the battery is depleted and it’s time to dispose of the device. 

In some instances the light can blink to indicate a short circuit protection, if for example you took a continuous puff that lasted longer than the device is intended for.

If you have a rechargeable disposable vape, the blinking LED is notifying you that it’s time to recharge your battery.

If you just opened your brand new disposable vape, took your first puff and you are getting a burnt taste, this could mean that you have a faulty unit or the device wasn’t properly primed during manufacturing.

You can try priming the coil in your devices by taking a couple of primer puffs. This method will saturate the coil inside your device with e-liquid.

How to take a primer puff

  1. Find the air holes on the device, usually located at the bottom
  2. Cover the air hole with your fingers or hand
  3. Take a couple of quick and gentle pulls (No need to inhale, as you most likely will not get any vapor while the air flow holes are covered)
If this method does not work and you purchased your device from us, please contact us.