The Clapton Coil: Top five things you need to know

The Clapton Coil: Top five things you need to know

The Clapton Coil: Top five things you need to know

A Clapton coil is a vaper wire tightly wrapped by a thin gauge wire. It derives its name from its similarities to guitar wires. It is important for us to begin with the definition of a vaper wire. A vaper wire is a wire used in e-cigarettes as coils. An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that heats a coil that transforms propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, commonly referred to as e-liquid, into a vapor. The vapor is then inhaled. This is known as vaping. There are many types of wires that can use to make coils. Now that you are in the know of what a caper wire and vaping are, we can now talk about the uniqueness of the Clapton wire.c

The cradle of the Clapton Coil

Clapton coil is constructed from kanthal which is a type of wire used in vaping.  Kanthal is among five other wires used in vaping which include titanium, stainless steel, nickel and nichrome. Despite being made from single strands of kanthal, Clapton coils are complex. They have a thin high gauge outside core which is wound around a thicker low gauge core. This wire is then used for normal coil wrapping. Today, there are varieties of Clapton coils which include Alien Clapton, Staggered Fused Clapton, Framed Staple Clapton and many more.

Surface Area

Clapton wire increases the surface area of the coils as opposed to using regular coils. The larger surface area makes the e-juice vaporize faster once the fire button is pressed. This preserves the lifespan of the coil. Clapton coils last longer than traditional coils. Their longevity is a result of their large surface area. Furthermore, it gives you a fresh taste with every puff. The higher surface area also decreases the potential of dry vapor hits. Clapton coil is generally better for vapor production.


Clapton coils enhance the flavor of vapor liquids. Some designs also act as wicks hence storing the vape juices within the cavities thus dispersing the juice evenly and tasty hits as it saturates. The Alien Clapton is known to disperse juice around the wire when wet. Clapton coil add depth to your flavors. They allow you to taste more notes on your juice. A little trick is to adjust your temperatures bit by bit when you adjust flavors. The core heats much faster than the outer wire. This allows you to taste flavors emanating from both higher and lower power levels.


Ordinarily, using more wire increases resistance. Its complexity makes Clapton coil different. The thicker, lower resistance wire at the core carries most of the current and keeps the resistance of the build low. The outer thinner wire takes lesser current. However, the wire still heats up quite quickly because it is in direct contact with the already-hot inner core. For this reason, people generally use higher gauge thinner kanthal for the outer coil.

The common complaint about Clapton coil is that they ramp up time before heating up. Depending on the Clapton designs and materials the heating up time varies.

Also, Clapton coils tend to use a lot of e- liquid due to their large surface area. This is an inevitable situation if you intend to produce more clouds. More vapor requires more e-liquid.

Owning a Clapton coil

Clapton coils can either be bought or be self-made. When purchasing pre-made coils, be aware that the larger coils heat up faster and provide lower resistance due to the increased surface area. Furthermore, fused Clapton coils have multiple cores which further reduce resistance. When making your own Clapton coil follow the steps below:

-To make your own Clapton wire you will need kanthal wire. One size for both the inner core and the outer wrapping is sufficient. Preferably, use a 24 gauge for the core and a 32 gauge for the outside.

-Begin by cutting a long section of a core wire and straighten it. A drill and a pair of pliers can be used to straighten the wire. Attach one end to a chuck in your drill and the other end to a pair of pliers.   Use the pliers to grab the other end of the wire. Firing the drill slowly turns the wire while straightening it. Throughout this process, hold the other end tightly.

-Secondly, get a preferred length of wrapping wire. For instance, you can use the kanthal wire since it is budget friendly. You have the choice of keeping it on a spool or cutting off a lengthy piece that gives you enough to work with.

-After this, it’s time to wrap your wire. Center the core wire in the drill chuck with the end sticking out of the drills chuck. The thinner wrapping wire should be placed on the side of the drill chuck. Hold your wrapping wire against your core at a 45 degree angle. Your thick core wire should stick out on the front of your drill while the other sticks out from the side.

– Wrap your Clapton coil wire by holding the wrapping wire against the core wire. The end should point downwards. Start firing your drill as you keep the wrapping wire pressed against the core wire.

-As your core starts spinning, the wrapping wire will naturally envelop it. Keep it steady and make sure the wraps don’t overlap.

Once you are used to the process of wrapping you can fasten your drilling speed. As an amateur, the first wraps may not be as good as you expect. But continuous practice perfects your work.

Clapton coils perform fantastically. There are many other coils that can be used for vaping with specific advantages and disadvantages. Explore the options you have and then make a decision on what coil works best for you.

The ‘need to know’ facts mentioned above are just simple and basic characteristics of Clapton coil and how to go about using it. They will prove useful when making a choice on creating a memorable vaping experience.

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