Legal Age Of Vaping in Canada/ United States


Underage vaping is a problem lots of countries in the world today are trying to curb. This is because a lot of minors have taken vaping to be normal and made it a habit. Our case study of laws on underage vaping will be limited to the United States and Canada. These two countries are amongst the top countries affected by underage vaping. The laws on vaping in these two countries vary according to the various states and Provinces. We shall throw more light on this in the paragraphs outlined below.


A lot of places in the United States do not consider underage vaping to be a crime so the right question to ask here isn’t “how old do you have to be to vape”. On the contrary, the right question to ask is “how old do you have to be to purchase a vape”. This is because the laws instituted do not really prohibit underage age vaping because when an underage person finds him/herself in this situation, the case is treated like a civil infraction, more like a speeding or traffic ticket. In a majority of the states, the legal age for vaping is the same as the legal age for purchasing a vape. All 50 states in the US have instituted laws against the sale of e-cigarettes as well as the products that accompany them even though the laws vary from state to state.

    • In the US, the legal age for vaping is 21 years and above in the following states: California, Hawaii, Oregon, New Jersey and Maine.
    • The legal age for vaping is 19 years and above in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, and Utah.
  • The legal age for vaping is 18 and above in the remaining 42 states in the United States.

Below is an infographic which displays the legal age for vaping in the various states in the US.


In Canada, the use of e-cigarettes and vapes as individuals is 100% legal. The are no laws prohibiting the places where these vapes can be used with a small number of exemptions. However, there are a number of municipal vaping regulations instituted by the Federal State which prohibit vaping by minors. minors. There are no exceptions to this regarding doctor’s advice, permission by parents or guardians. The minor age range varies in the different states in Canada.

    • Provinces such as Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward Island have the minimum age for vaping set at 19 years.
  • The Provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec, North West Territories, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory and Nunavut have all set the minimum age for vaping at 18 years.

Displayed below is an infographic demonstrating the minimum age required to purchase a vape in Canada

The article above summarily outline the laws on the minimum age of vaping according to the various states in the United States and Canada, for more detail information about vaping in your city state or province  

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