5 Things You Need to Know About Sub Ohm Vaping

You often hear about it from veteran vapers who sport those monster mods and those complicated-looking tanks filled to the brim with juice. And all you can do is stand back in awe while they blow out massive plumes of milky-white vapor. This practice is called Sub Ohm Vaping

So, you’re finally going to do it: you’re going to take the plunge into that mysterious world of sub ohm vaping.

For a lot of conventional vapers, sub-ohm vaping seems to be a in a class all on its own. You often hear about it from veteran vapers who sport those monster mods and those complicated-looking tanks filled to the brim with juice.

And all you can do is stand back in awe while they blow out massive plumes of milky-white vapour.

After some time, you might find yourself wanting to experience the same kind of vaping pleasure. This is where purchasing your first sub-ohm tank comes in.

Sub-ohm tanks are a special kind of tank atomizer specifically made to handle very low resistances of around 0.1 – 0.9 ohms. In general, sub-ohm tanks are designed to vaporize a larger amount of liquid in a shorter amount of time. So when you first make the switch, you will DEFINITELY feel the difference.

If you’re not convinced, here are five great reasons why you should switch to using sub-ohm tanks:

1. With Sub Ohm Vaping you’ll Experience the REAL Flavour of Your Juice

Simpsons animated gif

Good-quality juices have complex undertones of flavour, and using a sub-ohm tank lets you experience all of their subtleties.

In a standard tank, an apple pie flavor may taste vaguely of apple (Red? Green? Who’s to say).

In a sub-ohm tank (like the super-flavorful Uwell Crown), all the complexities come out to play: the tangy sweetness of a baked granny smith apple, the spiciness of cinnamon sugar, the buttery flavor of the golden brown crust, and the smoky caramel finish—coming out on every inhale.

2. You’ll Be Hugged By Clouds

Clouds animation of sub ohm vaping

Have you ever wanted to be enveloped by clouds? With a sub-ohm tank, you can experience this with your feet on the ground.

A tank like the Smok TFV12 can blow out great clouds of vapor with the tiniest of drags. These clouds are perfect for practicing vape tricks, competing in cloud chasing competitions, or even concealing your escape from unwanted company!

3. You’ll Get A Warm, Fuzzy Feeling in Your Chest

Satisfied animation

Sub-ohm tanks can produce a very warm vapor, and are designed to be hit S2L (straight to lung). This style of draw produces a smoother, more satisfying hit in your chest than the traditional M2L (mouth to lung) draw that focuses its intensity on your throat.

4. You’ll Gain Magical Powers (to Control Temperature)

Magic wizard animation

If you’ve never adjusted the temperature of your coil to fit your very particular preferences, trying it for the first time may seem like some black magic.

Temperature control coils are a fantastic way to control everything from the warmth of your vapour to the intensity of your flavour. And because these coils only work at very low resistances, you can’t use them without a sub-ohm tank.

5. You’ll Be Allowed Into the Sub Ohm Brotherhood of Max VG Vaping

Leonardo Dicaprio with a champagne glass
Let’s be real—your Nautilus can’t handle more than 70% VG.

Max VG? Forget about it.

And while those sub-ohmers may sometime seem a little snooty about their fancy setups, they truly have reason to be. Some of the best e-liquid blends in the world only come in max VG. If you don’t have a sub-ohm tank, you won’t be able to enjoy the Max VG greats like the super ripe PRESSED Mango, the creamy smooth Strawberry Swirl, and the super-delicious Rice Pudding by Dinner Lady.


Sub-ohm tanks are perfect for people who enjoy copious amounts of warm, flavorful vapor. When you purchase your first sub-ohm tank, always make sure to read the instructions, use the correct coil, and prime the wick to have a great vaping experience.

Vape safe!

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