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TFV8 Baby Beast Coils are in! Re-up on the powerful T8 coils, or give the more balanced X4 coils a try.

TFV8 Baby - T8 Core Coils

These 0.15 ohm octuple coils are ideal for cloud chasers and flavour chasers alike, bringing a rich taste and impressive vapour production. They can be fired between 50 - 110 watts, with a sweet spot between 60 - 80 watts. 

TFV8 Baby - X4 Core Coils

Check out these 0.15 ohm quadruple coils for a smoother, more balanced experience. Ideal for vapers with single-battery devices, the X4 coils can be fired between 30-70 watts. But if you want the ideal experience, stick between 45 - 60 watts.

TFV8 Baby - Q2 Core Coils

Alternatively, you can fire up these 0.4 ohm coils for a more subdued vape, akin to entry level sub-ohm tanks (like the Aspire Cleito). These coils are perfect for the days where you want to dial it down a little. Can be fired between 40 - 70 watts, with a recommended range of 55 - 65 watts.

TFV8 Baby - M2 Core Coils

These special coilheads are specifically designed for use in mechanical or direct voltage devices like the SMOK Stick V8. At a low 0.25 Ω resistance, these coils can pump out up to 70 watts of power on your direct voltage device, making them an excellent choice for cloud chasers and flavour fanatics.


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