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The iJoy RDTA 5 is the fifth—and newest—revision of iJoy’s incredibly popular rebuildable tank line. It’s also their most refined product to date. 

Easiest RDTA Filling Method

Rebuildable tanks have had a long and messy history of subpar filling methods. This goes double for genny-style RDTAs, which usually requires awkward tilting and ends in an even more awkward mess. iJoy’s solution for the RDTA 5 is so simple, it’s surprising that no one’s done it before. Pop off the cap and squirt right through the centre chimney. No fuss, no mess.

Unmatched Flavour

iJoy’s RDTAs have always been known for their incredible flavour. To everyone’s surprise, iJoy’s Limitless Plus managed to dethrone the beloved flavour-chasing Avocado. But we may have a new flavour king in town. With the addition of extra top-airflow ports, the iJoy RDTA 5 produces even more flavour than the Limitless Plus

Refined Build Deck

If you’ve ever used a Limitless Plus, the iJoy RDTA 5’s build deck should look very familiar. And that’s not a bad thing. The dual-post, velocity style deck is still one of the best systems for genesis-styled RDTAs. And while the RDTA 5 may not be doing anything new in this regard, iJoy has had 5 iterations to perfect this design—and it shows. The deck is spacious and expertly machined, the threading is buttery smooth, and the posts are perfectly spaced for mid to high wattage coils. This is clearly the definitive version of iJoy’s RDTA. 


  • Simple top-fill
  • Dual-airflow for extra flavour
  • Spacious velocity-style deck
  • Resin-cast drip tip
  • Single or dual-coil builds


  • iJoy RDTA 5 tank
  • Resin drip tip
  • Single-coil adaptor
  • Extra glass
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 x pre-built stapled clapton coils
  • Spare Parts


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