What would you like to vape today?

A flavored liquid mixture, usually containing nicotine, used by electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers to create inhalable vapor. 

We love e-juice.

It is our passion, our craft, and our business. That’s why we carry only the best.

Picture this. We get hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of e-juice samples a month from e-juice makers all over the world. Boxes upon boxes. And most of them never make it to our shelves. 


Because we’re very picky about what we put in our tanks—and especially what YOU put in your tank. So we screen every e-juice for the following:

1. Ingredients: 

We screen for diacetyl/diketones to ensure no harmful flavourings are used as ingredients. We refuse to carry e-juices with unnecessary, and potentially harmful ingredients like food coloring. 

2. Nicotine quality: 

To get on our shelves, e-juice must use real nicotine from reputable, high quality labs like TruNic and NicSelect. E-juice with cheaper synthetic nicotine is always rejected. 

3. Packaging: 

No warnings or ingredient list on the label? Automatic rejection. No child safety caps? No way we’re carrying it. And if you noticed, most of our e-juice only comes in a glass bottle. This is because plastic varieties like LDPE can leech harmful chemicals into your juice. 

4. Flavor: 

If the e-juice has passed all of the other tests (very few do), we organize taste-tests with the entire VapeLoft team. If the e-juice flavor doesn’t totally knock our socks off, it won’t make the cut. We don’t have time for “okay.” We want excellent.

5. Coil performance

Even if the e-juice is clean, properly packaged, and delicious, we may still choose not to carry it. Simply put: if the e-juice destroys your coils in under day, it doesn’t belong on our shelves.

The best e-juice we could find--the best e-juice you'll ever have.

Below is a list of truly excellent e-juices—the rare exceptions of masterful mixing that lived up to our ridiculously high standards. Enjoy.