Canada's 150th Birthday

Human beings have a most peculiar ability. 

We can take the most wonderful, the most special, the most exceptional of things for granted. Especially when these things are consistently wonderful.

Like our country. The welcoming, safe, comfortable, and everyone’s-just-so-darn-nice Canada. 

You see, if something is wonderful all the time, you lack any serious opportunity to imagine otherwise.

After all, you have more pressing concerns. Like that TTC driver who’s always late, or having to wait 3 hours at the ER to get a couple of stitches, or not knowing whether you should bring a sweater with you in mid-June (some crazy temperature swings, right?). 

Sure, your bus might always be late.

But over here in Toronto, we have the cleanest, most consistent, and most modern public transit in North America (don’t take our word for it). And besides, there’s another bus coming in ten minutes.

Yeah, waiting for a doctor can suck.

But you can rest easy knowing that a medical emergency won’t financially ruin you. And have you ever been to a doctor in another country? Canadian doctors are just so nice

And of course, the weather is crazy over here. No doubt.

But we get to experience three incredible seasons to their fullest. We have the most beautiful and picturesque Autumn in the world, all the best Winter activities this planet has to offer, and a patio-season that pairs oh-so-perfectly with a pint of cold, delicious Canadian beer. 

And no, we didn’t forget about Spring. There’s no such thing. 

So for Canada’s big 150, take a load off, crack open a beer, and take some time to appreciate this amazing country we live in. Because it truly is the greatest country in the world.

We’ll be closing up shop on Saturday and Sunday to spend some quality time with our loved ones. 

And while we barbecue ribs and knock back beers, we’ll be thinking of you, all the wonderful people that make this country great. And of course, there’ll have some more great sales once we’re back. So keep an eye out for announcements. 

From our family to yours,

Happy Canada Day

p.s. We’re open on Monday for regular hours. Some come by and load up and juice.