Regulated vs Unregulated box mods: what you need to know.

Regulated vs Unregulated box mods: what you need to know.

Regulated vs Unregulated box mods: what you need to know.

Mods also known as vape mods are the devices that provide power to an atomizer to allow for vaping. It is usually in the form of a rechargeable battery that may be internal or external. Some are regulated while others are unregulated. Below, I would define the differences between a regulated and unregulated box mod and the Pros and Cons that comes with each.

Regulated box mods

The majority of vape mods available are regulated box mods. It is a vaping device that comes with adjustable features like power adjustments various output mods and fixed voltage. They are available in different shapes and sizes and ranges from basic to complex. Different types are:

  • Fixed voltage: These are the most basic types and are ideal for beginners. It features a single button or draw sensor that notes changes in pressure as the user smokes.
  • Variable voltage: This makes use of microprocessors and allows the vapers to go beyond or below a battery’s voltage output. This feature increases or decreases the intensity of the vape.
  • Variable wattage: This type allows you to adjust your power setting which then remains constant.
  • Temperature control: this is a kind of vape mod that has adjustable settings based on temperature or heat. The user can adjust the temperature to a specific setting depending on the type of coil. It lets the vaper specify the maximum temperature allowed before temperature protection.

Common examples of regulated mods are:

  • vape mods with internal batteries: this type comes with an internal battery and have a excellent battery life. They are relatively easy to use and has a simple button or more temperature control. Vape mods with internal battery are ideal for beginners and has no battery or battery charger cost. It however takes time to charge and can’t be replaced.
  • Squonks and bottom feeding vape mods: These are in most cases for advanced users. It comes with an builtin juice bottle that feeds e-liquid into a bottom feeding RDA when squeezed. The bottom feeding RDA has a hollow fire pin that provides the channel through which the e-liquid moves to the wicks and coils.

Regulated Vape mods are ideal for beginners and experts. It has detailed manual instruction and has varied mods to choose from. It however has the following disadvantages:

  • Regulated mods do not work with just any type of coils. This means it restricts the amount of load and offers restrictions to the resistance of coils.
  • The advanced regulated mods like the squonks and bottom feeding Vape mods can be quite complicated and difficult to navigate.

Unregulated box mods

This supplies raw battery power to the atomizer. It has no electronic circuit, adjustments for power and no electric safety features. Unlike the regulated box mods, an unregulated box mod can power any atomizer & coil. It is not affected by the coil’s resistance, the type or wire or a short atomizer.

Unregulated Mod Types

  • Mechanical mods: this has a simple setting and features a single battery set up that can contain a 18650 (or 18350, 18490, or 26650). It is housed in a variety of metals, like stainless steel, copper and brass.
  • Squonk boxes: this type has a multi battery with an inbuilt bottle of juice. When the bottle is squeezed, it supplies juice into the atomizer.
  • Series mods: it uses more than a single battery, often placed side by side. The voltage delivered is a sum total of the voltage of each battery but has battery life & load capabilities of a single battery.
  • Parallel mods: With the parallel mod, the voltage supplied will be equal to that of one battery. However, it offers a battery life and current that is the sum total of all the batteries used

Unregulated box mods are simple in design and functionality. They have no restriction as far as the resistance of the particular coil used. Their manuals are usually simple and the devices them selves are relatively easy to use. There is no limit to the amount of power supplied.

However mech mods have the following setbacks:

  • Unregulated Mods can be extremely dangerous to inexperienced vapers without knowledge of battery safety. It is therefore not advised for beginner’s use
  • A beginner user might not understand battery risks when using the Unregulated box mods since these devices do not have any safety circuits and chips.


The use of unregulated vape Mods by beginners with no knowledge of battery chemistry and the right amount of atomizer to use is very dangerous. Regulated mods on the other hand, offer ample safety and can be easily used by both beginners and experienced users. They also prevent errors by flashing a warning message on a digital display. Regulated vape mods are the most common and widely used. Selecting the right vape mod to use requires consideration of how much power you actually need, the size of the – whether large or small, how much you are willing to spend and the ease of use.

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