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Aspire’s Breeze is the sleekest pocket AIO device we’ve seen, and it's easily the most satisfying to use. Like the iCare that inspired it, the Breeze automatically activates when you take a puff. Unlike the iCare, the Aspire Breeze delivers a solid, satisfying hit that rivals the best dedicated Mouth-to-Lung tanks.

Automatic or manual, your choice

In an obvious example of “you won't miss it until it’s gone,” the Aspire Breeze’s most noticeable improvement over the iCare is the inclusion of a firing button. Conspicuously missing from the iCare, the Breeze firing button gives you a quicker, stronger hit than its automatic sensor. So if you feel like a stronger dose of nicotine, hold the button and inhale.

Mouth-to-Lung, perfected

Aspire is the undisputed king of Mouth-to-Lung tanks, thanks to the best coil engineering in the vaping industry. And the Aspire Breeze is no exception. Its vapour production is excellent, its flavour depth puts the iCare to shame, and its throat hit rivals Aspire’s much-lauded Nautilus 2. So you’re not just getting a convenient on-the-go mod with the Breeze. You’re also getting a satisfying Mouth-to-Lung experience that rivals advanced setups.

Best in-class build quality and design

The iCare may have started the revolution of automatic AIOs, but the Aspire Breeze changed the entire game. Take the top-fill method for example. Rather than using a flimsy plastic slot to unscrew the coil, the Aspire Breeze uses a metallic key, built into the top cap. Or take the micro-USB port, which is easily the sturdiest and most solid port we’ve come across in all our years of vaping. Dozens of small little details like this put the Aspire Breeze head-and-shoulders above competing AIO devices.

Aspire Breeze Features:

  • Refined top-fill system
  • U-coil technology that decreases spit back and leaking
  • Automatic firing sensor + dedicated firing button
  • Satisfying MTL draw
  • Excellent build quality
  • 650 mAh internal battery

Aspire Breeze Contents:

  • Aspire Breeze
  • Plastic drip tip cap
  • 2 x 0.6 ohm Breeze coils
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction Manual


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